CoMISSION Residents

Sojourner Zenobia

SOJOURNER ZENOBIA | BLACK PRISM MOON Saturday and Sunday @ 7pm Performed by Sojourner Zenobia, Zahra Baker, Aarafa Payne A participatory dreamscape, a tapestry of medicinal embodiments and offerings, unfolding through vocal sounding, movement, text and installation. Here, in the beyond, a Black...

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Nora Sharp

NORA SHARP | SMALL BOOBS Thursday May 31 and Saturday June 2 @ 7pm SMALL BOOBS is a solo performance offered out of curiosity around the intertwined follies of gender and relationship. Nora Sharp grew up in Chicago. Nora makes work that blends...

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Courtney Mackedanz

COURTNEY MACKEDANZ | AIN'T NO SWALLOW BACK GIRL Friday June 1 and Sunday June 3 @ 7pm AINT NO SWALLOW BACK GIRL is a performative interrogation of the manners in which the physical body is instrumentalized to reinforce and perpetuation structural violence. Through...

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AJ McClenon

A.J. McCLENON | LEAD ZEPPELIN CAN'T STEAL MY DADDY"S BLACK In progress work by A.J. McClenon Featuring Jamillah Hinson & Simone Simone In honor of my father's passing and to my grandfather and Bill, I'd like to dedicate space for an in-progress work...

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Curatorial Residency