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Links Hall most effectively realizes its mission by serving as an artistic incubator and launch pad. Through its residency programs, artist-curated festivals, fiscal sponsorship program, co-presentations with self-producing artists,cabarets, performance series, workshops and low-cost studio rentals, Links provides a home for artists across all performance disciplines, at all stages in their careers. For 51weeks each year, Links encourages artists and audiences to take equal risk.Founded in 1978 by three experimental choreographers, Links Hall became a NationalPerformance Network presenting partner in 1998. In April 2013, Links Hall andmusician/presenter Mike Reed created a new collaborative arts venue as the shared home of the for-profit Constellation and the non-profit Links Hall. Links Hall’s Director, Roell Schmidt was appointed to the City of Chicago’s Cultural Advisory Council in 2012.

LinkUP Residencies

Anna Martine Whitehead

S P R E A D uses dance, improvised sound, and a live installation to draw audiences into the wild expansiveness of Black time. Time in the key of Black is almost impossibly extended, variably truncated, and necessarily reversed, chopped, screwed, and remixed. As theorized in S P R E A D, Black time is […]

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Mitsu Salmon

‘”Out/In Aka” is solo performance drawing upon Mitsu Salmon’s grandmother Takoko’s history of fleeing to the countryside after WW2 in Japan as connected to her own life. The piece will interweave sound, voice, Butoh, sculpture and fractured narratives. She will collaborate with sound artists Simon Briggs and Ryotaro Sudo to create a soundscape for the […]

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Linkup Alumni


  • Isabel Dieppa & Alana Parekh
  • Josh Hoglund
  • Precious Jennings
  • Jane Jerardi


  • The Impossible Collective! (band)
  • Nic Kay
  • Chih-Hsien Lin
  • Christine Shallenberg


  • Jessica Cornish
  • Lara Oppenheimer
  • Hannah Verrill
  • Karen Yates


  • Annie Rudnik
  • Thom Pasculli
  • Ishtar Bukkake (Rosé Hernandez)
  • Liana C. Percoco

Current Curatorial Residency