Join Links Hall, Threewalls and Constellation to celebrate Chicago’s rich landscape ofinterdisciplinary artistswith THAWALLS –a multi-disciplinarycollaborative art party and exhibition.

Kicking off on Thursday, March 9, Links Hall and Threewalls will co-produce an exhibition bringing together installation artists curated byThreewalls, performing artists curated by Links Hall, and musicians curated by Constellation to celebrate Chicago’s thriving collaborative arts community. The exhibition will open with a THAW-sized extravaganza and include six In-Session public salons to foster critical conversations around visual and performing arts in Chicago.

Check out a video from the opening party!
Special thanks to Joseph Strand, Curtis Matzke, and Cameron Crosson for capturing the fun!

Links Hall

Links Hall is an incubator and launch pad fostering independent new work by connecting Chicago artists with the public and a network of peers and mentors locally, nationally, and internationally. Links nurtures artistic development through residency programs, artist-curated festivals, commissions, exchanges, performance series, and other services to artists.


Threewalls is dedicated to increasing Chicago’s cultural capital by cultivating contemporary art practice and discourse. Through a range of exhibition and public programs, including symposiums, lectures, performances and publications, Threewalls creates a locus of exchange between local, national and international contemporary art communities.


Constellation was founded in April 2013 by drummer/composer Mike Reed. Constellation’s mission is to present progressive performance and forward-thinking music with a focus on jazz, improvisation and contemporary classical.

Honorary Co-Chairs

Kerry James Marshall & Cheryl Lynn Bruce

Michelle Boone