Tech Specs

Studio A Description:White Box (All walls are white except West glass brick wall behind the risers); blonde sprung wood floor; medium value gray seating risers; 60 seats on risers; 3 windows with optional opaque white curtains

Additional features: dressing room with mirrors and chairs; smallstorage room for props and set

Measurements:40’-6” x 34’ Height to the ceiling trusses is 10’, to the lightinggrid is appx. 11’.

Rep Projector: Panasonic PT-D4000U

Sound equipment for Studio A:

  • (4) channel mixer with cables to interface your playback device.
  • Macbook Air with Qlab Pro Audio – Qlab Pro video can be “rented” for $3 a day.
  • mounted set of self-powered speakers.
  • microphones and stands.

Lightingequipment for Studio A:

  • The light board is the ETC Express 48/96.
  • The studio has 20 functioning dimmers at 2.4 kw run from the booth and 18 functioning dimmers at 1000w hung in the space.

Rep Plot Instrumentation


Source Four 50° on Floor Plates @ 575w


Altman 4.5 x 6.5 @ 750w


Altman 6×9 @ 750w


PAR 56 @ 500w


PAR 38 @ 150w


6” Fresnel @ 500w

Spare Instruments


Source Four Bodies 575w


50° S4 Barrels


Altman 6×9 750w


PAR 64


PAR 56


PAR 38


6” Fresnel

**Studio B is notavailable to rent forperformancesif you have not produced at Links Hallpreviously**

Studio B Description:Black box (All walls are black); Dark sprung wood floor (no tapeallowedon the floor); 100 seats(proscenium)150 seats (thrust); no windows; moveable seating risers Additional features:one dressing room with mirrors and chairs, largeroll-down projectionscreen, small raised stage that can be covered or used. Measurements:Room60’ east/west x 48’ north/south,Performance Space 40″x 30′Entry on SW corner 8’x 16′,Height to ceiling trusses 10′, to light grid 11′, Stage 37″ high 12’x 19′

Sound equipment for Studio B:

  • 4 channel mixer
  • Macbook Air with Qlab Pro Audio – Qlab Pro video can be “rented” for $3 a day.
  • 2 Full-range speakers with EQ
  • 2 microphones and stands.

*access to more elaborate soundsystem isavailable if you employ a Constellation soundengineer for $20.00 an hour inaddition to the LD PSM that we already provide you with.

CLICK HERE for a list of additional equipment that would be available to you.

Lighting equipment includes – ETC Express 24-48 (DMX) light board

  • 24x 2.4 k dimmer pack (with disconnect for more)
  • (8) PAR 64, mostly 1k WFL
  • (2) Altman 4.5×6 ellipsoidal, 500w
  • (2) Altman 6×9 ellipsoidal, 500w
  • (2) Altman 6×12 ellipsoidal, 500w
  • (8) Altman 6” Fresnel , 500w
  • (2) Altman 8” Fresnel , 500w
  • (10) Source Four50° on Floor Plates @ 575w
  • (6) Source Four50° on Floor Plates @ 575w
  • Cable and twofers.
  • Spareinstruments from Studio A

Click here to visit the studio Calendar to see when the space is available for rehearsals and how to rent it by the hour online.

Click here for studio rates for performance rentals and possible discount opportunities. Studio B is notavailable to rent for performances if you have not produced at Links Hall previously.