Set Free August 2017

Set Free is a residency program co-produced by the Watering Can and Links Hall with lead artist and producer Jessica Marasa.

The “Set Free” residency includes five Monday evening showings shared amongst four artists each receiving 25 minutes per evening to repeat and revisit the development of their work. The series ends with one final weekend of performances in August.

Participating artists in the 2017 series are J’Sun Howard, Jessica Marasa and Katie Ernst, BraveSoul Movement, and Lindsey Barlag Thornton. The first “Set Free” series took place February to August of 2016 and featured critically acclaimed choreographer and performer Peter Carpenter, Lisa Gonzales and Jennifer Kale, Ysaye McKeaver and Jessica Marasa.

“Set Free” was created from a recognition that public performance delivers different discoveries than those found in the studio. “Set” represents artists who prefer to work in a composed, more structured manner and “free” represents those who thrive in an improvisational format.


Better Versions of Prayers

JSun Howard betterversionsofprayers

Choreographed by J’Sun Howard
Performed by J’Sun Howard, Dedrick “Deddy Bank” Gray & William Harris

Working on Better Versions of Prayers makes a charismatic space for black boy joy. A poetic testimony that miracles erupt at any moment. Through self-portraits, ecstasy, and forms of floating–disappearing, hollowing, and possession–this work also flirts with notions of divine radical presence and how it holyficates.


Evergreen Katie Ernst and Jessica Marasa

Composed and Improvised by Katie Ernst & Jessica Marasa

Evergreen takes inspiration from the trees whose leaves remain year round. With this life giving strategy at heart, bassist Katie Ernst and Jessica Marasa use their improvisational interests to practice the possibility of continuity. This possibility employs the process of shedding one’s will and increasing one’ willingness to trust the life in each moment as it arises, remains and passes away.



Choreographed and Performed by Brave Soul Movement

PlayGround digs into the art of play as the basis for discovering, challenging and breaking boundaries of the physical, mental and spiritual world. Rooted in participatory action, this work seeks to provoke dialogue, stimulate the senses, and foster energetic states of delight.

We Are A LightHouse

We are a LightHouse

Devised by Lindsey Barlag Thornton, Corey Smith & Udita Upadhyaya and Performed by Amanda Dunne Acevedo, Alexis Atwill, Audrey Polinski, Ethan Parcell, Izah Ransohoff, Jasmine Jordan, Jon Penick & Jordan Harris.

We Are A LightHouse builds upon Lindsey’s interests in the metaphysical and existential through an examination of our daily lives that we live out alone, together—and sometimes both, simultaneously—here on earth and beyond.

The culminating performance of a six-month progress in performance series for artists working within SET composition and FREE improvisation will take place August 24 – 27. Over time the structure has increased awareness and appreciation for each individual’s creative process and provided a space for emerging and experienced makers to weave their studio and performance practices together in developing this work. Artist and audience exchange was vital to the life of the series and we invite you to join us now for the final performances.
Thursday and Saturday feature J’Sun Howard’s new work Better Versions of Prayers and an evening of Evergreen, a duo including bassist Katie Ernst and dancer Jessica Marasa.
Friday and Sunday presents PlayGround from the long standing collaborators Brave Soul Movement along with a new devised work titled We Are A LightHouse created under the direction of Lindsey Barlag Thornton in collaboration with Corey Smith, Udita Upadhyaya, Amanda Dunne Acevedo, Alexis Atwill, Audrey Polinski, Ethan Parcell, Izah Ransohoff, Jasmine Jordan, Jon Penick & Jordan Harris