Nasty Brutish & Short

Nasty, Brutish & Short
(NBS) is a Chicago-based cabaret of contemporary short-form puppet and object based theater for adult audiences. The cabaret provides an opportunity for professional quality puppet artists to perform new work, fosters creative exchange between puppet artists of different generations and specialties, and introduces audiences to innovative and compelling puppet theatre.

Presented by Links Hall and curated by Mike Oleon and Grace Needlman.

Hosted by Noah Ginex.

For more information, or to apply to perform, visit the official website here.

For past work shown at NBS, click here.


Nasty, Brutish & Short @ Links Hall

Links Hall presents the popular puppet cabaret again on August 22, 2016 and October 31, 2016. Hosted by Noah Ginex and curated by Mike Oleon and Grace Needlman. Artists TBA. Buy tickets for the August show here.


Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival 2017

Nasty, Brutish & Short Presents…

January 19-29, 2017


Join us for Links Hall’s contributions to the second edition of the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival! Founded to establish Chicago as a center for the advancement of the art of puppetry, the 10 ­day city-wide festival is a mission ­driven program of Chicago-­based theater company Blair Thomas & Co. Founded in 2002, Blair Thomas & Co. is recognized as an international contributor to contemporary puppetry and a creator of uniquely expressive spectacle theater.


In addition to public performances, visiting artists from around the globe will lead free, hands ­on workshops, panel discussions, family drop ­in events, late night Puppet Slams and special presentations on the history and craft of puppetry. The festival also will host a concurrent scholarly conference for international artists and scholars devoted to advancing scholarship and research in the field of puppetry. New this year will be the “Catapult Fellowship Program,” a special initiative catering to visiting artists and presenters who will come to Chicago and enjoy a curated, four ­day experience including performances, workshops, meals and special events.


Co-Produced by Rough House Theater, Anna Trier and Brett Swinney


“Nasty, Brutish & Short Presents…” is made possible in part by the Links Hall Commissioning Collective: Lauri Alpern, Andrea Bueschel, Chicago Seminar on Dance and Performance,Joyce Coffee, Justine Jentes & Dan Kuruna, Liz Liebman, Laurel Appell Lipkin, Susan Manning & Doug Doetsch, Dina Merrell & Tim Hartford, Anna Minkov, Maureen Mizwicki, Ronald & Laura A. Uchida, Toshi Uchida & Doug Rainey, and P.K. VanderBeke.


The late-night International Puppet Slam is funded in part by the Puppet Slam Network (a project of IBEX Puppetry).