Links to Haiti Trip Highlights


L’Observatoire on Mount Boutilliers

Dinner Concert at the historic Hotel Oloffson
A 19th-century Gothic gingerbread mansion set in a lush tropical garden in the center of Port-au-Prince followed by RAM’s long-running Thursday evening performances, Haiti’s famous mizik rasin (Roots band) led by hotel’s owner Richard Morse.

The Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH) and lunch at Les Jardisn du Mupanah
Museum dedicated to the heroes of Haiti’s fight for independence and Haitian history and culture


Le Centre D’Art
Founded in 1944 as a cradle for Haitian art, Le Centre has helped several generations of renowned artists from Hector Hyppolite to Edouard Duval Carrié. The late Nicole Smith owner of Nicole Gallery in Chicago started her career here.

Place Boyer –The revitalized square in Petionville has become a large gathering space for locals

Presse Cafe for live music and dancing


Saut D’eau

Saut D’eau at 100 feet high is the tallest waterfall in Haiti. This site holds important significance for both Catholics and Voduists. Annually, the falls are the site of a large, important religious pilgrimage during the festival of Our Lady of Carmel, from July 14–16. With lunch of grilled conch at the beach in Côte des Arcadins

Saint Michel de L’attalaye

The town, surrounded by rich farmland, is situated in Department L’artibonite, Haiti’s rice-producing region. After the bustle of Port-au-Prince and daytripping travel, this area of many rivers and distant mountain peaks in every direction will be a slower-paced, choose your own adventure time including:

Al-Fresco Dinners and lunches together in Saint-Michel

Visit Men Bon Pen (the Casimir family bakery) for some fresh baked bread and pastries.


Walk through Marche (market).

Visit Clarin Distillery – organic sugar cane agricole Haitian Rum. Check out this article in Wine Enthusiast: “How Haiti Is Making Some of the Best Rum on Earth

Opportunity to engage in a service project with Saint Michel’s elementary school students

A celebration of Black Arts Retreat Founder Kelly Thomas’ Birthday with live music and dancing at Saint Michel’s outdoor nightclub.



The seaside city of Cap Haitien, or OKAP, is Haiti’s 2nd largest city, and was founded in 1670. It has played a role in key parts in this nation’s history. Under the French colonial rule, it was the richest and grandest city of the Caribbean, and was also the centre of revolution in the late 18th century into the early 19th. It is also the former Capitol during French colonial rule.

Architectural Tour including the square of Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Cap-Haïtien, the site of the announcement of the original emancipation of the enslaved people proclaimed August 29, 1793.

Dinner in Vaudreuil (lush space outside of OKAP)

New Year’s Eve Celebration’

Cap-Haitien Beaches

Independence Day Celebration with Soup Joumou

Cuisine Capoise at Lakay Restaurant

Dance & Drum Workshop w/ HaitiDansCo

Kerol / Medicinal Herb Lessons

Opportunity to engage in a service project with Dance To Save Lives

“Ansanm” Une Nuit Des Artistes

Performances by HaitiDansCo, Project Tool, Black Arts Retreat artists



Palais Sans-Souci & Citadelle Laferrière


Hike and tour of these Unesco World Heritage Sites. The Citadelle is referred by locals as the Eighth Wonder of the World. This massive stone construction is the largest fortress in the Americas. Built by order of King Henri Christophe to demonstrate the power of the newly independent Haiti, the Citadelle Laferrière was essential for the security of Haiti’s newly formed state.