Creative Producing Practices For Chicago’s Creative Communities.

Links Hall is thrilled to announce that this fall we will be restructuring LinkUP, our primary commissioning program and incorporating our Artists Residencies into Links Hall’s new programmatic vision Co-MISSIONS.

Under the umbrella of Co-MISSIONS Links Hall will offer Intensives, Residencies, and Fellowships expanding our commissioning support to 14-16 artistic projects annually. These programs will incorporate a more flexible range of resources, designed to meet the needs of artistic experimentation at different points in an artist’s career, and different points in a project’s development.

Links Hall Co-MISSIONS will consist of these three new RFP based studio and presentation programs. It will also encompass the continuation of Links Hall’s RFP based Curatorial Program, our Touring Award, our National Performance Network residencies and commissions, and other large-scale special projects such as our 2016-18 Asian Exchange program; which will incubate new works by Darrell Jones (Chicago) and Kaori Seki (Tokyo) in partnership with NPN, Dance Box (Kobe), The Kyoto Experiment (Kyoto), The Flynn Center (Burlington), and Fusebox Festival (Austin).

2018 applications will be live October 1 2017, due December 11 2017

Summer Intensives will add flexible studio residencies to Links Hall’s commissioning program and create lower pressure opportunities for artists to experiment with new practices. These “ala carte” residencies will be 1-4 weeks long based on the resident’s needs. They offer a great opportunity for emerging artists to try their hand at a studio residency for the first time, and offers established artists’ room to experiment with new material or collaborate with out of town partners.

Though this program will continue to focus primarily on supporting local artists; some preference will be given to Chicago artists interested in dedicating the time to working with long distance collaborators, and a few slots may be offered to out of town artists interested in developing relationships with the Chicago performance community.

Awarded artists will receive:

  • A 1-4 week residency based on their needs, up to 20 hours of studio time a week. (more hours per week will be allocated to artists with shorter Residencies)
  • A $100 per week stipend to help cover transportation or unexpected expenses.
  • A works in progress feedback showing at the completion of their intensive.
  • A works in progress Performance at Links Hall in Studio A as a part of Links Hall’s Fall WIP Monday Night Series.
  • A Links Hall LD PSM for their works in progress performance.

Please e-mail:anna@linkshall.orgwith any further inquiries.


Co-MISSION Residencies, March-May 2018
SPECIAL ENROLLMENT: due to an artist’s family conflict one more slot for our March 2018-June 2018 Residency program has become available. We will be accepting application for this opportunity from October 9, 2017-December 11, 2017. Applications acsepted at this time will have the optiong to roll over to our Febuary application time peirod. 
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, December 11, 2017. 

March – May

Four artists, or collaborative projects, will receive 3 month studio residencies to continue the development of a project they are in the process of researching.

Awarded artists will receive:

  • Three months of rehearsal space in the Links Hall studios, 10hrs of rehearsal space per week during weekday mornings and afternoons exclusively (Evenings and weekends are dedicated to performance and workshop programs.)

  • A stipend of $200 per month over the course of the residency

  • The Art of Rehearsal workshop series

  • Support of a paid mentor of their choosing throughout the residency

  • Free access to performances and discussions at Links Hall

  • A work-in-progress showing at the halfway point of the residency.

  • Two fully produced performances during the LinkUP Showcase weekend in Studio A. (Artists perform on a split bill and receive an equal share of ticket sales)

  • Video documentation of one of their performances

  • Professional development guidance in marketing and finance for artists with Links Hall’s Staff.

2019 applications will be live February 1 2018, due April 9 2018

September – February

Two Fellowships will be awarded annually. These artists will be veteran performance makers already past the initial research phase of the development of their new works. These individuals will be awarded six months of studio time to complete the creation of their new projects and undergo an intense rehearsal process to hone and fine tune their performances prior to a shared two-week run of the works at Links Hall.

Awarded artists will receive:

  • Six months of rehearsal space in the Links Hall studios, 10-15hrs of rehearsal space per week during weekday mornings and afternoons exclusively. (Evenings and weekends are dedicated to performance and workshop programs.)
  • A stipend of $500 per month over the course of the residency
  • The Art of Rehearsal workshop series, including a introduction workshop, WIP feedback, a two day intensive work workshop, and one on one rehearsal feedback prior to the Residency Showcase from the Art of Rehearsal coaches
  • Dramaturgical stipend to contract a dramaturge for 20 hours of work at $20 an hour.
  • An intensive technical workshop
  • Free access to performances and discussions at Links Hall
  • A works-in-progress showing as a part of Links Hall’s Fall WIP Monday Night Series.
  • Professional development guidance in marketing and finance from Links Hall’s Staff.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship at Links Hall for any additional financial needs of your Fellowship Project.
  • A two-week run at Links Hall to premier your performance.

The Art of Rehearsal

The Art of Rehearsal Workshop series was created byBryan Saner and Ginger Farleyto offer resident artists at Links Hall support through the final stages of rehearsal prior to performance. This series is structured to help artists deepen their residency experience and the resultant work by building time into the creation process to hone, refine and edit a new work before it is presented to audiences. During the course of the residency rehearsal coaches lead two workshops for residency artists and their performers in the process of creating rehearsal methods that are specific to an individual artist’s pactice and sit in as outside eyes on works in progress showings, run-throughs, and tech rehearsals leading up to the residency showcase.

Links Hall’s Presenting Philosophy

Links Hall best realizes its mission by functioning as an artistic incubator, a launch pad that partners directly with artists through commissioning residencies and artist-conceived programs in order to achieve outcomes greater than either organization or individual could accomplish alone.

Links Hall’s aim as an organization is not to present a season based on the interests or tastes of a singular artistic director, or a small group of individuals. Our Aim is to continue to produce a season in partnership with the artists in our community – giving artists the power to present who is inspiring them and what they are creating with their inspiration.