Artistic Associates Curatorial Residencies

The Links Hall Artistic Associates (AA’s) program was founded in the Spring of 2005 when three AA’s were selected to each curate a series ofperformances in the Links Hall studio. Thisexperiment launched Links Hall’sCuratorial Residency which seeks toenhance the quality ofperformance programming in Chicago,createprofessional developmentopportunities for Chicago’s artistic producers, generate new presentationopportunities forperformance in Chicago, and provide much needed financial support to the thecity’s selfproducing performance community.

Links Hall’s Artistic AssociateCuratorial Residencies are awarded annually by a panel selected by Links Hall’s Programming Co-Chairs Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Julia Mayer and Links Hall’s staff, each selected project is given a stipend of up to $3,000 to produce their programming at Links Hall and each program is give the full support of Links Hallsadministration, marketing and production staff.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY, Applications are due January 9, 2017 @ 11:59pm

Links Hall’s Curatorial Residencies are supported by the generouscontributions of the Links Hall Commissioning Collective, a handful of dedicated individuals who are committed to excellence in Chicago’s live arts.

Past Curatorial Residency Projects

May-June 2016

I Shout to Keep my Devils at Bay… Curated by Kantara Souffrant

April 2016

Tea Project curated by Aaron Hughes and Amber Ginsburg

January 2016

aMID Festival curated by Michelle Kranicke

May 2015

LIVE TO TAPE artist television festival curated by Jesse Malmed

January 2015

Nasty Brutish & Short curated by Taylor Bibat and Mike Oleon–a part of the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.

July/August 2014

PHYSICAL Festival curated by Marc Frost and Alice Da Chunha

January 2014

Extinct Entities Curated by Erin Nixon, Anthony Romero, and Anthony Stepter

April 2013
Braiding Rivers
Curated by Emma Draves

May 2012
Standing Heat
Curated by Holly Hughes

April 2012
Wrecking Project
Curated by Kate Corby and Julie Mayo

January 2012 – March 2012
Arte no es fácil: Temporal Lapses and Artistic Translation
Curated by Amor Pirata

January 2012 – March 2012
Arte no es fácil: Temporal Lapses and Artistic Translation
Curated by Amor

January 2012
Generation Bitch: Gender Identity and Expectations of 21st Century American Women
Curated by April Sellers

November 2011
The Purple State
Curated by Erin Carlisle Norton

April 2011 – June 2011
Encyclopedia Show
Curated by Robbie Q. Telfer

Sept 2010 – Nov 2010
Selected Mondays
the DIALogues SeriesCurated by Dexter Bullard

Nov 2010 – Dec 2010

Calisthenics for Shrapnel Curated by Marty McConnell

March 2011 – May 2011
To Art and ProfitCurated by Abra Johnson and Meida McNeal

April/May 2010
Banners & Cranks Curated byDave Buchen

March 2010
Dirt! Curated byDeke Weaver

October 2009 – June 2010
Selected Mondays
Collision Theory Curated byRachel Damon & Dan Mohr