October 2006 PERFORMANCE  

Julia Mayer
Coffee Dance

October 6, November 3, & December 1, 2006
Fridays at 9:30am
Free, BYOC (bring your own coffee)

Once a month, Julia Mayer will open her weekly Friday morning solo movement practice to the public. This series of engaged, informal performances will occur on the First Friday of every month at 9:30am. Performances will last approximately 20 minutes.

As a mother and full-time worker in her forties, Julia is seeking new paradigms for performance—places, processes, practices—so she can stay active and challenge herself as a dancer, and activate and challenge audiences to join her in creating and experiencing unique moments of the body moving.

Julia has been dancing in Chicago for nearly 20 years. Her current movement practice is influenced by her studies with Deborah Hay and her years dancing with Chicago-based improvisation collective FUSE.

“[her] movement is refreshingly off the map” - Chicago Reader

“a delicately luminous, inquisitive stage presence” - TimeOut Chicago

LinkUp Residency Artists
New Works

October 6 - 8, 2006
Friday & Saturday at 8:00 pm
Sunday at 7:00 pm

LinkUp Artists in Residence, Carleen Healy, Thick Routes Performance Collage and Sabrina Cavins present works created during their six month residency at Links Hall.

(1) Patterns of being [working title] by Carleen Healy is a movement exploration highlighting the cross fading of bodies, bleeding colors that lead to something new, blurring lines, and dancing in the borders.

Carleen has been dancing around town for four years now. She's been a part of many different and varied dance projects, with current influences including anatomy, contact improvisation, painting, and conversation. Currently she works with an improvisation modality, excited by ways that improvisation naturally segues into patterns and performance.

(2) Househedz, a new work by Thick Routes Performance Collage, explores the impact of Chicago house music as both club scene and lifestyle choice. The piece unpacks house's movement vocabulary and style; its undercurrent themes of resistance, liberation and unity; its exploration and fusion of spirituality and sexuality; its changing contexts from club, to basement, to radio station, to mix tape and CD; and its recent local revitalization.

Founded in January of 2001, Thick Routes Performance Collage is a Chicago-based women’s performance collective committed to creating original multimedia works at the intersection of entertainment, social activism, and education. TRPC merges dance; spoken word/vocal exploration; original sound-scapes based on environmental sounds and ethnographic-based conversations/interviews; installations; and video to build innovative and socially relevant performance-based scholarship. TRPC recognizes the global need for creativity to continue de-colonizing bodies and minds, to celebrate the importance of everyday stories and communities through art practice, and to challenge current hierarchies and hegemonies of power.

(3) Embody by Sabrina Cavins is a modern dance work that reflects the role of nature’s cycles within in our own lives. Reflecting the freezing grip of winter, the peaceful growing green, and the storm that sweeps everything clean, the piece follows nature's journey of renewal and tracks its path of constant change.

Sabrina Cavins, originally from Oklahoma, has been dancing, choreographing and teaching in Chicago for the last seven years. She received her B.A. in dance from Columbia College Chicago in 2001. Her work has been performed at Links Hall, Ruth Page, Dance Center of Columbia College, and as part of the Chicago Jazz Festival. As a dancer, she was a member of the Dance
COLEctive from 2002-2005 and has performed in works by Margi Cole, David Dorfman, Atalee Judy, and Erica Wilson-Perkins.



Asian Improv aRts Midwest presents
The 11th Annual Chicago
Asian American Jazz Festival
Opening Night

October 13, 2006
Friday at 8:00 pm

This evening's performance is the opening concert of the 2006 Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, featuring the Chicago Korean Music Ensemble [with Hyun-Chung Kim, Daegeum (large bamboo flute), Sogeum (small bamboo flute), Danso (notched vertical flute); Kang Hee Lee, Kayageum (12-stringed zither); Sun Woo Yang, Geomungo (6-stringed zither); Grace Yi, guitar and synthesizer], and The Jeff Chan Trio [Jeff Chan, tenor saxophone; Karl Seigfried, contrabass; Greg Dietrich, percussion]. Founded in 1996 by Chicago musician Tatsu Aoki, the AAJF celebrates its eleventh season this year. The AAJF presents the finest in contemporary Asian American musical expression, with this year's festival featuring local, national and international artists, creating work that is born of the Asian American experience.

"A crowning event on the city's cultural calendar" - The Chicago Tribune

Asian Improv aRts Midwest is the region's leader in presenting Asian American cultural arts. Their mission is to use the arts as the vehicle to build a vital, self-empowered Asian American community in Chicago. Through initiating productive relationships with artists, community and institutions, Asian Improv aRts Midwest produces high quality arts programs that advance the Asian American community and accurately reflect the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic reality of Chicago and the nation.

Asian Improv aRts Midwest and the 11th Annual Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival are supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council, the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation and the Chicago Tribune Foundation.

Stockyards Theatre Project
Stay Centered, See the Humor and Carry on Regardless:
7th Annual Women's Performance Art Festival

October 20 - 22, 2006
Friday & Saturday, 8:00 pm
Sunday at 7:00 pm

Each year, the Women's Performance Art Festival features a full schedule of Chicago artisans performing original works via improv, standup comedy, dance, stage combat, performance art and much more. The 7th annual WPAFestival’s theme, Stay Centered, See the Humor and Carry on Regardless, artoiculates what women and people in general should do to get by in today’s uncertain society. Submissions for the festival are open until September 1, 2006: details and a full schedule of performances at

Since 1999, Stockyards has avidly promoted talented woman playwrights and directors, and has showcased the remarkable and richly imaginative visions of contemporary women.

"...the festival is the purist woman's performance event in Chicago" - Chicago Sun-Times

Khecari Dance Theatre

October 27-29, 2006
Friday - Sunday at 8:00 pm
$15 ($12 students/seniors)

United as a single organism, bodies share the space in scintillating intimacy: sliding from tenderness to aggression, and frustration to harmony, with the same organic eddying that directs the flow of momentum from one to another. Fierce athleticism and suspended stillness mirror the turbulence and serenity of relationship in all its richness and uncertainty. A nexus of the infinite facets of human connection, Khecari Dance Theatre’s Dyad presents us on stage as we are in life: beings struggling to meet each other in fulfilling needs we barely understand, and, when we least expect it, falling into the redemption we couldn’t foresee.

Dyad includes new music for guitar and cello from Nathaniel Braddock and Jason McDermott, and choreography by artistic director, Jonathan Meyer. Recently transplanted to Chicago from New Mexico, Khecari has created critically acclaimed risk-taking dance theatre since 2002. www.khecari.org.

“…virtuosity and heart”- Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine


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