Lara Oppenheimer

Lara Oppenheimer was awarded a 2014 LinkUP Residency.


Lara Oppenheimer is a Chicago-based artist working with performance and community economies. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute, she has collaborated with artists Tatsu Aoki and Erica Mott, worked with community arts organizations such as Redmoon and Insight Arts as well as presenting her solo performance work in multiple venues in Chicago and other cities. She has studied extended vocal technique and singing extensively with Pantheatre in Paris and Ida Kelarova in the Czech Republic. In collaboration with individuals, galleries, cultural centers and social justice organizations, she has hosted and facilitated many gift economy events such as gift circles, Really Really Free Markets, skill shares and hygge parties:). As co-director of the Chicago Time Exchange, a community-based skill sharing economy where the currency is time, she recently received a Propeller Fund award to investigate how time-based currency can support creative economies. Her social practice is creating honest, playful opportunities for us to share gifts and needs, co-creating resilient community rooted in pleasure, abundance and collaboration.