Nora Sharp

Nora Sharp’s work draws on layered history and training as a musician, writer, organizer, teacher, capoeirista, dancer, choreographer, and occasional emcee, and reflects lived experience as a queer white Chicagoan. Nora has been an artist in residence at High Concept Labs as part of Vaudeo Motion and has performed with and for Ayako Kato, Jane Jerardi, Kirsten Leenaars, and The Inconvenience, among others. Nora trains capoeira angola with FICA Chicago and organizes Research Project, an artist-centered quarterly works-in-progress performance series. Nora holds a BA from Oberlin College.

Over the course of the Co-MISSION Residency, Nora will develop Small Boobs, a performance solo that attempts to reveal and unravel intertwined mythology around straightness, femaleness, and romantic love. Small Boobs excavates personal history, critical theory, and pop music for insights into the impact of normative narratives and possibilities for queer re-visioning.