Nora Sharp

Thursday May 31 and Saturday June 2 @ 7pm

SMALL BOOBS is a solo performance offered out of curiosity around the intertwined follies of gender and relationship.

Nora Sharp grew up in Chicago. Nora makes work that blends dance, sound, comedy, cultural commentary, and personal history, and reflects lived experience as a queer white midwestern millennial. Along with the Co-MISSIONS program, in 2018 Nora has been in residence at VOLTA Performing Arts as well as a participant in LANDING 2.0 with Miguel Gutierrez at Gibney Dance (NYC) and FIELD/WORK at the Chicago Artists Coalition. Recent collaborations include performances with and for Udita Upadhyaya, Dao Nguyen, the Fly Honey Show, M Wu, and Ayako Kato. Nora facilitates spaces for intra- and interpersonal creative exchange, including Research Project, a bimonthly works in progress performance series at OuterSpace Studios, and an anxiety workshop series at VOLTA. Nora’s work is influenced by the pedagogies of somatics, tutoring, organizing, non-violent communication, individual & group therapy, and other contemporary mental health practices. Nora is also in the early stages of building a community-based working artists’ and performers’ emergency insurance fund.

“Small Boobs” Credits:
Sound & Tech Support- Brett Swinney
Lighting Design- Giau Truong
Sponsored / Funded by Links Hall & VOLTA Performing Arts

Special Thanks- Mary Ann Fischer & Robert Sharp, Sam Sharp & Margaret Sharp, Margaret Ann Ryan Sharp, Mary Yankovich Fischer, Thomas Pollard Sharp, Michael Fischer, Lally Gartel, Kathryn Wade & Hannah Wade & Chris Saunders, Udita Upadhyaya, Brett Swinney, Roell Schmidt, Anna Trier, Felicia Holman, Bryan Saner, Kim Davis, Kristina Isabelle, VOLTA Performing Arts, Matthew Gregory Hollis, Chandler & Aaron Greer, Andy Slavin, Jasmine Jordan, Kristina Fluty, Lindsey Barlag Thornton, Sara Zalek, Beto Defreitas & Huu Nguyen & FICA Chicago fam, Miguel Gutierrez & LANDING 2.0 fam, Penny Duff & Chicago Artists Coalition & FIELD/WORK fam, IntraSpectrum fam, Clare & Chiung, Sojourner & Courtney & AJ, Lucas Brown & Mackenzie Brown & all the love club fam, all the writers and musicians whose words and sounds I spent time with while this work was building, all the dancemakers and queer theorists who taught me how to see work and make my own, and all the other ancestors and transcestors who got us here.