Courtney Mackedanz

Courtney Mackedanz is a movement-based performance artist whose material playfully builds and critically disassembles itself, all at once. Her choreography examines bodily meaning, circumvents unchecked momentum, and approaches the mitigation of potential damage through an embrace of uncertainty. Mackedanz earned her BFA in Performance & Visual Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, and has since presented work in Chicago, Montreal, New York, and Shanghai.

Recently, Mackedanz has been mining archival footage of female American pole vaulters in Olympic competition.This watching is less for an interest in sport-but rather a curiosity for the poetic friction between the absurd task of pole vaulting and the precarity of this American reality. During her Co-MISSION Residency at Links Hall, Mackedanz will create a performance that problematizes hyper-verticality while measuring the incongruence between time spent in ascent and time salvaged before collapse. Mackedanz will examine these questions while also envisioning ways in which to choreograph care into an imminent fall.