Mister Twister

“Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation (Mr. Twister for short) is a Chicago based entertainer & male burlesque performer. Why walk when you can dance!
He is the Maximus Sinsation of Burlesque who likes to get things twisted, and his influence in making America sexy again is proven.
Having the background in both music and dance, Mr. Twister started performing burlesque in 2015 out of hunger to explore his creativity and to change gender stereotypes. Through his signature movement style and choreography, in each of his acts he tells a unique and narrative story that takes the performance art to a new level. Approaching female-dominated burlesque community as an ally and a guest, he also teaches classes and workshops to promote positive masculinity in burlesque. And with the side interests in pole dancing and belly dancing, he expands his talent far and beyond burlesque scene. 
A member of burlesque troupe Better Boobie Bureau and RAW artist, Mr. Twister has performed on the stage of many Chicago hot spots, also many other cities across the United States.